"Before I came to see Lianne my diet was poor, I was unaware of what foods could potentially be inflammatory.  I was having a lot of problems with my ankle due to my arthritis.

My specialist had told me that it didn’t matter what I ate, drank, whether I exercised or not, what the weather was like i.e. hot or cold, it would not make any difference to the arthritis.

When working with Lianne the process has been very relaxed and informative.  She has provided me with lots of information and we monitored what I ate for a while so I could see what was working well and not so well.

I can’t pretend I have completely changed my diet but have certainly cut down on things that don’t seem to suit me, and as a result I do feel better for it.  I do still occasionally have the anti-inflammatory tablets I have been prescribed but not very often.   More importantly I haven’t had to have any injections in my ankle in over a year, which is a very positive sign.

People can be a little cynical, and I guess I was a bit largely due to the specialists’ comments and the fact that I had tried acupuncture, and regularly visiting a physio without it making any difference.

 I would happily recommend Lianne to anybody that was looking to improve their diet for whatever reason and who wanted to understand more about the food that they eat."

I.F. Southend on Sea

"I am enjoying the course and find that much of it goes much further than anything I’ve been to before ie diet clubs. The health benefits are paramount and losing weight is a bonus - which I need and like. We are armed with so much valuable information and I intend to use it!"

"Health is better: reducing my prescription drugs and have been discharged by my hospital consultant.  Lower blood sugar level, lower cholesterol and lower homocysteine"

"My skin seems clearer.  My eyes whiter.  I definitely feel more calm and in control of my moods.  This has been the kick up the behind I needed to change my life and my future"

"A definite change in my moodiness (for the better).  My kids are getting a fun and happy mum back"

"This is the first time I have been able to stick to a diet and exercise at the same time - as the diet gives me the energy I need to do this"

"This course has focused on practical and sustainable changes to increase well being.  I would highly recommend to anyone and particularly to fellow males."

"It’s not a diet it’s a life changing experience that I intend to maintain"

"I enjoyed the support and the food tastes so good"
"Enjoyed not being ruled by cravings"

"Have never stuck to a diet for so long with very little will power needed.  Education – have learnt how to be healthy"

Zest4life nutrition & weight loss programme members

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