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About Me

I passionately believe our health can be compromised by the food we eat, and how efficiently the nutrients are absorbed and processed by the body.

Our body systems are all linked. The functional status of these systems and their interconnections are key areas to be addressed when enhancing health.

I am also a health coach. What does this mean.................It is often difficult to break habits of a lifetime and replace them with healthy new ones. Changing things 'step by step' is often the best way. As a health coach Lianne has the tools to motivate and support you through these steps and help you to break down any barriers you may experience along the way.

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Lianne, Nutrition consultant in Leigh, Essex

Why Choose Me?

People come to see me when they have tried to improve their health and have conditions they can’t solve on their own, they often experience symptoms that impact the quality of their lives.

Many are 40+ and juggling busy stressful lives, which often has an impact on their health, digestion and symptoms of stress. There comes a time when they feel their energy, well being and vitality diminishing with their stress levels and waistlines increasing”

Do you need motivation to make better food choices?

Do you want a long-term, sustainable lifestyle to support your future health?

Whatever your needs may be, Lianne can guide, coach and educate you on the path to health.

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How It Works

With the use of up to date scientific nutrition research the aim is to promote optimal health with appropriate individualised care.

Clients may wish to seek guidance on maintaining health or require support for an existing condition.

During the consultation I work with you to help you achieve your full health potential by designing a programme that is tailor made to your needs taking into consideration any time or financial constraints you may have.

The client can choose the level of support they feel they need to allow these choices to become long term, sustainable lifestyle habits.

Please see the services available to see which one fits you best.

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I’m 100% committed to supporting you to achieve your health goals

Do you need motivation to make better food choices?
Do you want a long-term, sustainable lifestyle?


I haven’t had to have any injections in my ankle in over a year, which is a very positive sign. I would happily recommend Lianne to anybody that was looking to improve their diet for whatever reason and who wanted to understand more about the food that they eat IF, Southend.

The health benefits are paramount and losing weight is a bonus. We are armed with so much valuable information and I intend to use it!

My skin seems clearer. My eyes are whiter. I definitely feel more calm and in control of my moods. This has been the kick up the behind I needed to change my life and my future.

This is the first time I have been able to stick to a diet and exercise at the same time – as the diet gives me the energy I need to do this

This course has focused on practical and sustainable changes to increase well being. I would highly recommend to anyone and particularly to fellow males.

Have never stuck to a diet for so long with very little will power needed

Lianne is a very encouraging and friendly lady, who put me at ease straight away. Lianne has motivated me to believe I can achieve and I have sustained half a stone weight loss, so far. I have a way to go, but with her support, I know I will make steady progress. I am making healthy choices and viewing food differently, I will continue with this long-term. Thank you so much Lianne. - SH. Essex

As an unexpected bonus, I lost a stone of excess weight, significantly decreased my aches, pains, lethargy and generally felt healthier and 10 years younger.

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Nutrition is the use of food to nourish the body. There is no one specific diet that is ideal for everyone. Nutritional therapy is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We are all individual and unique in our needs and requirements based on many factors such as age, genetics, gender, lifestyle, activity level and existing health conditions.

Because we are all unique our required levels of support are often different.
Click here to view the support options available.

What areas of your health do you need help with? Click the images to find out more.

Digestion problems in Leigh, Essex Digestion

Abdominal pain, bloating, discomfort and erratic bowel movements are the classic symptoms that define irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), however, symptoms of IBS are not just limited to your digestive system and can extend out to a host of related complaints ranging from muscle pain and fatigue to anxiety. If you suffer from these symptoms you are not alone.

IBS is a problem I see often in clinic and it is problematic on many different levels. If you have been diagnosed with this condition, you may well have been suffering with it for years and, while a diagnosis can – at first– offer comfort in finally having a recognised problem, the satisfaction is short lived because often that’s where all support ends, and you’re left no further forward in actually fixing what the problem is.

The difficulty begins because IBS is essentially meaningless; it’s a catch-all term used to encompass a huge variety of digestive issues. If you’re serious about getting to the bottom of the problem, I’m happy to discuss your symptoms and help find a way forward. You can book a free IBS health check with me by clicking here

female health in Leigh, Essex Female Health

The average woman in the UK reaches the menopause- the time when reproductive hormonal secretion decreases and menstruation stops permanently – at 51 years of age. Associated symptoms include hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, migraines, insomnia, vaginal dryness and decreased sex drive because of falling oestrogen, as well as a greater risk of urinary tract infections because of changes in hormones and to the vaginal flora. While some women are fortunate to experience none or few such symptoms others can experience years of continuous and unpredictable, life-impacting symptoms switching your food choices can positively impact on menopausal symptoms and help determine how rapidly the body ages and how good you look and feel.

Blood sugar control in Leigh, Essex Blood Sugar Control

Factors that influence the development of type 2 diabetes include genetic predisposition, a diet high in sugar and a sedentary lifestyle. These can lead to insulin resistance, a condition in which the cells no longer respond to the action of the hormone. As a result, blood sugar and insulin levels rise, causing the symptoms of type 2 diabetes and pushing up fat storage, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Adopting a low GL diet is now widely accepted as a better approach to managing blood sugar control than a low calorie, low fat diet.

energy performance help Energy and Performance

The benefits of a sound diet are most obvious in the area of competition performance, where nutrition strategies help athletes perform their best by reducing or delaying the onset of factors that would otherwise cause fatigue.

However, daily eating patterns are probably even more important, because they help athletes achieve the platform from which they are ready to compete.

The major role of the daily diet is to supply athletes with the fuel and nutrients needed to optimize the adaptations achieved during training and to recover quickly between workouts.

Athletes must also eat to stay in good health to achieve and maintain an optimal physique.

heart health Heart Health

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a group of disorders of the heart and blood vessels. Approximately 26% of deaths in the UK are due to CVD.There are a number of factors which can have an effect on a person’s risk of developing CVD, including the composition of the diet.

problem skin help Skin

Your skin is not just a container for your body – it is very much a living organ in its own right. It is only its location that gives it a whole different set of factors to deal with in keeping healthy. There is also the fact that the body automatically prioritises the organs that are essential to life, such as the heart and brain (giving precedence to them in the supply of blood,water and nutrients, and leaving the skin until last)

This is why it is so important for the health of your skin to make sure that your diet includes plentiful supplies of all the vital nutrients.

Supplements in Leigh, Essex Supplements

I prefer to work with a variety of foods to help my clients gain the optimal amounts of macro and micronutrients to achieve their health goals. However, supplements are helpful for those who show symptoms suggesting specific and possibly severe nutrient deficiencies. Some clients ask for supplementation others prefer to go the ‘food route’. Testing is also another route to give more focus on an individuals’ nutrient status, which then allows a more targeted approach. We are all different with regard to our wants, needs and requirements and supplements are a good tool to have when working alongside a diet tailored to meet your individual health goals.

health testing Testing

Types of functional tests that may be considered include:

* Nutrition status – vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, omega-3 : 6 balance.
* Allergy/food intolerance testing and immunological testing, infections; including H. Pyloria and viruses
* Digestive and gut function (including tests for bacteria, yeasts and parasites)
* Hormone testing including adrenal, thyroid and sex hormone profiles
* Cardiovascular health risk profiles including homocysteine
* Genetic testing – to assist in analysing genotypes that affect methylation, detoxification, oestrogen and histamine metabolism, and the sleep cycle.

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Registered Nutritional Therapist
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